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A chat about scary movies with a friend, a factual TV director, led him to send me a short film script he had written. The script was a mess (it's okay, he knew!) but the idea was great. That of a mother, so possessive of her daughter that she uses ultra-violet light to blind her, forcing the child to remain dependant on her forever.


This chilling tale was ideal for a dark, atmospheric short and I begged him to let me re-write the script and co-produce the film with him. 

'Darklight' was a great success. It won a judges special commendation from Film London, premiered at the London Film Festival and went on to be long listed for a BAFTA. 

"a constantly surprising tale…. that leaves you eager for a sequel"

BAFTA winning producer Steven Woolley (The Crying Game, Made in Dagenham)

an engrossing piece of film making… highly atmospheric” 

Film London

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