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Sweet Charity

So... confession time. In my past I have done some very bad things. Well, quite bad. The punishment for one of these involved community service, which I served in a charity shop.


Years later, it occurred to me that a charity shop would provide the perfect contained environment and eclectic characters for a sit com. So, I wrote a spec script based on my experience.

The script was quickly optioned by Noho, the company behind ‘The Windsors’. After a few re-rewrites we sent it to ITV, who loved it and commissioned a pilot script, funded with a full development budget. 

"David is an enormously creative writer.... Whether delivering laugh-out-loud comedy, or pulse-raising drama, his writing always has a wit and energy that makes you want to read on".

Camilla Campbell & Robert Wulff-Cochrane, Noho Films

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